Windows Doors London


You may be new to commissioning improvements on your home or just curious about how to engage the services of people like us. Skilled people. Creative people. Helpful people.

To make it easier to understand, below we outline the basic steps of the Windows Doors London process.

  1. Contact Windows Doors London and we’ll introduce ourselves.
  2. If you have something specific in mind for your home, we’ll discuss it with you. Or if you are looking for some advice on what may work in your property, we can discuss many suitable options for you. Options that will blend seamlessly with your home.
  3. We will arrange a meeting on site at your home.
  4. And discuss style, materials, colours and timelines.
  5. Once you have decided what you want we will design your window or doors and create plans and elevations.
  6. A timeline will be confirmed.
  7. You will be invoiced for the initial deposit.
  8. Once paid, we will commence work and follow your budget and timeline closely. No delays.
  9. On completion you will be invoiced for the remaining balance.

For closer detail on our installation process, please see our Services page.