Windows Doors London


Today our treatment of the environment is a major concern for all of us. Whether it is quantity or quality, we all need to do our best to protect the planet for the future.

Where quantity is concerned, at Windows Doors London we are doing our bit just by using natural materials – FSC certified timber. Despite many preconceptions about timber, wooden frames have twice the lifespan of PVC window units. The longer our windows last, the fewer the replacements added to that plastic waste mountain.

Quality – we only use sustainable timber. Timber that grows efficiently in a natural way, straight and with few knots. Using this timber for manufacture means there is minimal waste.

We can provide full details of timber provenance should you wish to know where the wood around your windows came from.

After putting every effort into sourcing sustainable timber it would be crazy to then use harmful chemicals in the crafting of our windows. We only use water-based paints and wood stains. The timber we use is naturally water resistant but the added coat increases the longevity of the frame and provides you with a low maintenance window to stylishly complement your home for many years.