65 OUT

The Aliplast developed tilt-out turn-out window system is a highly efficient, stylish choice from the WDL portfolio. It features a three chamber system and thermal sheath to provide windows and doors that are economically rewarding, environmentally sound and aesthetically pleasing.


Our windows are available with a range of modern operating mechanisms. Select outward opening to maximise transient space in a smaller room. If the exterior of your property has a sleek lined aesthetic, go with inward opening for a more subtle look. Whether inward, outward, tilt-and-turn or fixed, we have the ideal window for you.


The Imperial has a 65mm installation depth profile. The added reliability and security that this provides is valued throughout the construction and architectural worlds. This is 20mm deeper than standard profiles making the Imperial ideal for ambitious design projects and large scale constructions.


The Imperial Out design enables the creation of tilt out and turn out windows. It is available with improved insulation power. The IP OUTi has supplementary,
peripheral, thermal insulation where glass meets the profile. The IP OUT i+ has an additional thermal insulator between the thermal spacers.


We can provide the Imperial to suit any project. Modern, metallic materials can be left in their natural state or painted in colours selected from a near limitless palette of RAL colours with smooth or structural finishes. WDL can create windows from a wide selection of additional profiles, providing aluminium doors, windows and large scale glass and aluminium segments for any architectural project.


The maximum dimensions and weights of the Imperial Out window design are:

Tilt Out Windows:
Minimum width and height of sash – 500mm
Maximum width and height of sash – 2000mm
Maximum weight of sash – 100kg

Turn Out Windows:
Minimum width and height of sash 500mm
Maximum width of sash – 1500mm
Maximum height of sash – 3000mm
Maximum weight of sash – 120kg