Steel is long lasting. Steel is tactile. Steel is modern. Steel is British. Steel is a great option for making your home feel stylishly modern and welcoming at the same time. A metal that can transform a home with a hint of the industrial can also interpret a space in new ways, using partition framing or large span double doors to make that change.


In the bathroom you can select sleek, bespoke shower screens. And in the bedroom a vertical privacy screen may be all you need to perfect that cherished sleep zone. Utilise stained or patterned glass to let light in but maintain modesty at all times.

At work, many open plan offices require reduced, communal floor space to allow for confidential working. Office partitions made from the finest steel provide the answer.


Handles, hinges, runners, inset window frames – all can be made to your own specifications. You select from our wide range of materials and complimenting finishes. Your safety is paramount so we offer a wide range of wired, resistant glass plus stylish panes with cross-reeded and decorative finishes.



The construction of windows and doors in the finest steel means we can provide frames built to a smaller scale. Thinner frames allow for a choice of glazing: single or double that can be featured within interior or exterior design. Choose an interior, floor-expansive, bi-fold design that allows you to turn two spaces into one huge space when needed.


Steel is an adaptable material. This allows it to be used in modern designs that yield positive, thermal performances. Results that surpass UK building regulation efficiency targets are easily attainable with this system.


Unpainted, galvanised steel can create a much-loved, industrial feel in a home or workplace. The sleek silhouette that results from the use of thinner frames accentuates this industrial look still further. A touch of the modern offset by the traditional is an effective way to update a space. Pair delicately stained or patterned panes with sturdy steel to produce a stark contrast that enlivens interiors.

Powder coating all our finished doors and windows guarantees a high quality surface will look good for decades. At WDL we only use top grade, epoxy-free, polyester powder coating because safety is as important as durability.


Steel provides a frame that is three times as strong as an aluminium one. A frame that can retain immense fenestration. Say hello to large surface areas that remain stylish and sleek when set inside one of our special doors or windows. The hot-dip galvanising process we use prolongs the life of your frame. The extra years you enjoy feature the lowest of low maintenance. Little effort is needed to keep up appearances with windows and doors of such high quality.