Advance 70 Flush Sash Windows

The Advance 70 Traditional Window Collection was designed specifically to re-create a traditional timber styled window with thermal efficiency, strength and an authentic looking flush window.


The innovatively designed Advance 70 flush sash and 80mm traditional frame are fabricator and fitter friendly, whilst also offering the homeowner a low maintenance / high performance traditional window.

The design of the Advance 70 flush sash also focused on ensuring that fabrication and fitting is as simple as possible with no requirement for ‘extras’ which are associated with other profile systems.


Fully integrated in to the Advance 70 System, the flush sash and can be fabricated with either the standard 70mm frame or the 80mm traditional frame therefore providing fabricators with a simple and effective solution when offering heritage styled traditional windows.

•         *Authentic looking flush window with heritage styled monkey tail handles and dummy stay

•         *Choice of 80mm traditional frame or existing 70mm frame

•         *Mechanical joint for that authentic look or welded joints

•         *Night vent as standard

•         *Sculptured or chamfered beads

•         *Designed to use existing hardware – No specialist hardware required

•         *Wide choice of coloured and foiled frames

Selecta offer a wide range of colour options which have been put together to make the perfect colour palette for any home.
With 15 woodgrain finishes available, on one or both sides, they give an authentic wood like finish.

Nobody takes glazing more seriously than Windows Doors London. That’s why we offer multiple high-performance glass options that will suit … Client


Low Emission Glass

Thermal protection is the basic task of glazing units designed for windows. Thanks to our partnership with suppliers, resulting in development of new glass coats, PRESS GLASS is able to offer glass panes with even lower heat transfer coefficient Ug= 0,4 W/m2K. This value is close to the value of heat transfer coefficient of walls. Cold feet near the window are in the past.


Warm Edges Glazed Units 

It should be emphasised that the actual effect of a thermal bridge on the edges of glass units mounted in windows depends on the type of spacer bar, heat insulation of the central part of the glass unit and the depth of the pane seating in profile and the coefficient of heat penetration Uf of profile. Together with the increase in seating depth of the pane the proportion of heat loss of windows through the edge is reduced and minimises the possibility of the occurrence of water vapour.



Safety & Security Glass

Safety glass protects against injury at breakage, making it less possible to break the glass when lamming a door or window.

Types of safety glass:

·          tempered,

·          laminated,

·          wire mesh reinforced patterned,

·          wire mesh reinforced polished


Solar Control Glass 

It offers quality and beauty, helps save energy, and allows for easy assembly. Among its various qualities, there is one which is especially useful for offices and public facilities, namely solar protection. Solar control glass adds character to a building and reduces undesirable heating of the elevation regarding a type of coating.


Acoustic Glazed Units 

Our subjective perception of noise is subject to the following principle: if the level of noise in a room is reduced by 10 decibels with relation to that outside, we get the impression that it is reduced by half. Noise protection must be applied everywhere where noise cannot be completely eliminated. In such applications we are faced with acoustic double glazed units.


Fire Resistant Glass 

We offer a wide range of fire-resistant glass options with varying levels of protection to suit your needs. Protection levels are measured in defined time periods (30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minutes) and in terms of either integrity and insulation or integrity only, as designated by the European Standards.


Ornamental Glass 

In multiple design solutions it is required that glass panes are perfectly transparent and ensure intimacy at the same time. Right selection of ornamental structure of glass can enhance or aggravate transparency and image deformation properties. Windows Doors London offers tens of types of ornamental glass.

Energy Ratings and Thermal Efficiency

With modern PVCu windows and doors you can guarantee that thermal performance sits highly in the performance table when pitted against other materials.

Thermal performance along with security and durability were high on the agenda, during the design process of our Advance 70 System. With excellent thermal insulation provided by the multi-chamber system, weathertight seals and gaskets ensure that A+ energy ratings can be achieved with ease.


100% Lead Free

All our profiles are extruded with lead free materials making them easier to recycle

Selecta Advance 70 windows and Ready-2Fit Composite
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