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The new series of handles completes the Schüco range of attractive and technologically advanced products for all aspects of opening units. The uniform design range is extremely easy to operate and has an impressively clear language of form.

The universal range of handles is suitable for all mechanical or electric windows, doors and lift-and-slide doors. From window handles to door handles, the combination of design and technology even accommodates the special requirements for fire protection.





§   Uniform design range of handles for windows, doors, sliding windows and sliding doors

§  Uniform appearance for opening units, such as handles

§  Mechanical and electric opening units are easy to operate

§  Exclusive, high quality appearance with functional design

§  Fulfils requirements for fire protection and prevention of accidents

§  Optional locking for opening units

§  Spare parts warranty

§  The Schüco range of design handles has received the prestigious iF Award 2006


Schueco Ventilation System VentoFrame

In many buildings, especially in residential properties, the exchange of air through infiltration – i.e. leaks in the building from joints, for example – is not enough to supply the building and its users with sufficient fresh air without human intervention. In such cases, a ventilation concept must be created in accordance with DIN 1946-6 to ensure high ambient air quality. Here Schueco offers Schueco VentoFrame, a tested system for self-regulating window ventilators which is installed almost fully concealed in the outer frame and is designed for the narrowest of face widths.

With its highly adjustable volume flow, this efficient ventilation solution provides a steady, adequate supply of fresh air without intervention from the user, i.e. without opening the windows. Thanks to a self-regulating ventilation flap, the Schueco VentoFrame reacts independently to changes in wind pressure and thus ensures a controlled exchange of air without draughts.

The ventilation concept is flexible and can easily be converted by means of the number of ventilation cartridges used. There is also an option to manually regulate the air supply using the design profile by choosing one of 5 settings.

Schueco VentoFrame impresses as an interesting creative and cost-effective solution for newbuilds and renovations and can also be used in office and commercial buildings in accordance with DIN EN 13779.

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