Traditional shaping and proportion are at the heart of our 21st century casement window designs so all are in keeping with the aesthetic of period properties. Up-todate technology develops glass and framing that are efficient and economical while not looking out of place in any building, whether old or new.


All WDL windows are available with a selection of operating mechanisms. Maximising transit space in a small room? Opt for outward opening. Looking for something with a modern aesthetic? Try tilt and turn. Whether its inward release or even fixed window, we have the perfect operation for your home.


Double glazing is a standard, integral feature of all WDL windows. If a cool microclimate is an issue around your home, we can fit highly efficient draught seals. Where even greater temperature control is required, we have adaptable, triple glazing options. For noise reduction WDL has a wide array of sound-insulating glazing that combats noise pollution. For listed buildings and properties in conservation zones, we can incorporate slimline window units that do not detract from the style of older constructions.


All internal and external hardware on WDL windows comply with PAS 24-rated standards. These product assessment specifications ensure that your window can withstand a minimum level of intruder activity. Our windows keep you safe.


We provide a totally bespoke service that can match your windows to any WDL colour swatch you select or match-tone you provide yourself. Perhaps you have a window with vast fenestration allowing many to see inside and you would like your window’s external surfaces to match the room’s interior. We can brighten your home, whatever the colour you choose.


Stylish design is of little use without durability. Our windows look good long after our installers have left your premises. Quality timber is layered with not one but two coats of the finest, microporous paint. The frame and all mechanism parts are durable and weather resistant.

Using the latest technology we can provide windows that ensure up to an 80% reduction in heat loss from your interior. That’s enhanced comfort on the sofa and the bank balance. We can also create specialist, acoustic windows that greatly reduce irritating, extraneous noise by up to 40db.