Windows Doors London


Windows Doors London is the sister company of London-based Pro Building Contractors Limited. With 15 years experience across a team of highly skilled craftspeople, we are leaders in the provision of bespoke door and window construction.

Our extensive portfolio includes the creation of stylish windows and statement doors for modern, residential renovations and larger, corporate business projects. From a small, quirky home extension to a grand, foreign embassy in the capital, we can take on a variety jobs, whatever the scale.

There are many aspects of home improvement or a property development that you will have strong views on. We all love interiors. And know what we like. But doors and windows selection often requires much guidance. We are with you every step of the way. The number of styles we work in is extensive and we have a large resource of visual aids and sample materials to help you make that final decision.

Eco-friendly processes, energy efficient installation, high quality materials and aesthetically rewarding results all make up the service we offer at Windows Doors London. A service that opens doors to your dream home or provides a window onto endless design opportunities for your business.